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Knowledge production in and on Africa

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Personen und Körperschaften: Horáková, Hana (HerausgeberIn), Werkman, Kateřina (HerausgeberIn), Viva Africa Prag (VerfasserIn)
Titel: Knowledge production in and on Africa/ edited by Hana Horáková and Kateřina Werkman
Medientyp: Buch Konferenzbericht
Sprache: Englisch
Wien, Zürich LIT [2016]
© 2016
Gesamtaufnahme: Afrikanische Studien ; Band 56
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Zusammenfassung: Hana Horäkovä. - Introduction: The contents and the chapters. - Hana Horäkovä. - Knowledge production in and on Africa: Knowledge gatekeepers, . - decolonisation, alternative representations. - Daniel C. Bach. - Africa in international relations: The frontier as concept and . - metaphor. - Dominik Kopihski. - China and the United States in the African petroleum sector: . - Knowledge gaps, myths and poor numbers. - Alzbeta Sväblovä. - Reconciliation in Liberia: Discourse, knowledge, consequences. - Mvuselelo Ngcoya, Naren Kumarakulasingam. - Indigenous gardening: Plants, indigeneity and settling/unsettling . - in South Africa. - Stephanie Rudwick. - Afrikaans and institutional identity: A South African university in . - the crossfire. - Katerina Werkman. - Is Africa exceptionally infectious? A comparison of Ebola and . - SARS coverage in the Czech media. - Katerina Mildnerovä. - “Obscene and diabolic and bloody fetishism”: European. - conceptualisation of Vodun through the history of Christian missions. - Viera Pawlikova-Vilhanova. - African historians and the production of historical knowledge in . - Africa: Some reflections. - Maciej Kurcz. - The images of Omdurman: The symbolic role of an African city . - during the period of colonialism from the perspective of archival . - photographs. - Silvestr Trnovec. - History production and interpretation on and within French West . - Africa in 1900-1957: From a French colonial doctrine to an . - African perspective. - Jarmila Svihranova. - Representations of Africans in the documents of the German . - Imperial Office and in pre-war academia in the case of German . - South West Africa
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