APA Citation

Nkanga, O., Molloy, C., Pirotte, P., & Schöneich, F. [2017]. Otobong Nkanga: Luster and lucre. Frankfurt am Main: Portikus.

ISBD Citation

Otobong Nkanga : Luster and lucre / editors: Clare Molloy, Philippe Pirotte, Fabian Schöneich . — Frankfurt am Main : Portikus, [2017]. — 280 Seiten; 28 cm; 3 Beilagen. — ISBN 9783956793189, 3956793188

MLA Citation

Nkanga, Otobong, Clare Molloy, Philippe Pirotte, and Fabian Schöneich. Otobong Nkanga: Luster and Lucre.Frankfurt am Main: Portikus, [2017].

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