APA Citation

Metsger-Samoḳ, N., & Barsky, V. (2004). Dwelling on the dunes: Tel Aviv; modern movement and Bauhaus ideals. Paris [[u.a.]: Editions de l'éclat.

ISBD Citation

Dwelling on the dunes : Tel Aviv; modern movement and Bauhaus ideals / Nitza Metzger-Szmuk. Transl. from the Hebrew by Vivanne Barsky . — Paris [[u.a.] : Editions de l'éclat, 2004. — 447 S. — ISBN 2841620778, 9782841620777

MLA Citation

Metsger-Samoḳ, Nitsah, and Vivianne Barsky. Dwelling On the Dunes: Tel Aviv; Modern Movement and Bauhaus Ideals.Paris [[u.a.]: Editions de l'éclat, 2004.

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