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Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Key Patterns Emerge

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Journal Title: Economic and Political Weekly
Authors and Corporations: Freund, Bill, Padayachee, Vishnu
In: Economic and Political Weekly, 33, 1998, 20, p. 1173-1180
Type of Resource: E-Article
Language: English
Sameeksha Trust
Summary: <p>While it would be unreasonable to pillory the country beyond its just deserts, if one is forced to sum up the most striking features of contemporary South Africa, they would have to include the growing ascendance of a corporate-cum-state black elite with little effective challenge either from below or from the formerly powerful white minority, the relative modesty of social change, the disintegration of Left critiques in favour of a crude materialist and instrumental view of life, the pursuit of economic policies that will perpetuate existing inequalities and power relations even while deracialising and, most strikingly, the failure to find a modus operandi that will break the historic walls of privilege in this society of extreme contrasts to create a real new South African identity. A consequence may well be a process of long-term civic decay coupled with a vibrant if extremely inequitable civil society.</p>
Physical Description: 1173-1180
ISSN: 0012-9976