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Struggle, Collaboration and Democracy: The 'Indian Community' in South Africa, 1860-1999

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Journal Title: Economic and Political Weekly
Authors and Corporations: Padayachee, Vishnu
In: Economic and Political Weekly, 34, 1999, 7, p. 393-395
Type of Resource: E-Article
Language: English
Sameeksha Trust
Summary: <p>The political and economic history of Indian South Africans since their arrival in Natal in 1860 has been largely shaped by struggle and resistance on the one hand and by compromise and accomodation on the other over the self-referential nature and political significance of the identities or labels 'The Indian Community' and 'Indian South Africans' by which they came to be known.</p>
Physical Description: 393-395
ISSN: 0012-9976